2021年11月5日周五上午11:00,链叨叨直播间之大咖分享汇特邀Dimitra CEO及创始人Jon Trask进行《Dimitra专注分散农业,为全球农户提供区块链生产力支持》专场直播,由链叨叨媒体负责人Sakura小樱对话Jon Trask,通过问答的方式,将行业内近期最热的内容呈现在你眼前。


Dimitra 项目介绍:

Dimitra 是一家领先的国际型农业技术公司,致力在全世界范围内通过区块链向全球农民提供 Ag-Tech (农业科技),而 Dimitra 就是这场 Ag-Tech 的操作系统,用 DMTR 实用代币驱动该生态有序运转。该项目建立了一套完整的农业应用体系,旨在帮助农民使用简单、简洁、有用的技术去扩大生产力,以最经济的方式提高产量、降低成本并降低风险。




问题一、首先请Jon Trask为大家做个简单的自我介绍。

First of all, please let Jon Trask give us a brief self-introduction.


Jon Trask:大家好,我叫 Jon Trask,我是 Dimitra Technology 的首席执行官和创始人,Dimitra Technology 是一家利用区块链、人工智能、机器学习、物联网技术等的全球农业技术公司。

我是全球公认的区块链专家,拥有企业软件开发和为跨国公司设计复杂供应链解决方案的背景。 我热衷于利用信息的力量,为小农场主提供农业技术和见解,他们在世界粮食供应方面发挥着至关重要的作用,但往往难以养家糊口。

Hi everyone, my name is Jon Trask and I am the CEO and Founder of Dimitra Technology, a global agriculture technology company that utilizes Blockchain, AI, Machine Learning, IoT technologies, and more. I am a globally recognized blockchain expert with a background in enterprise software development and designing complex supply chain solutions for multinational corporations. I am passionate about using the power of information to deliver agricultural technology and insights to small farm holders who, while playing a vital role in keeping our world fed, often struggle to feed their own families.


25 多年前,我作为一名开发人员开始从事科技行业,在大型全球供应链项目中工作过;为这些供应链计划创建和实施技术(150 个项目)。 然而,直到我为一个非洲国家建立了一个基于区块链的身份识别系统,我才开始了解小农的具体需求。 这就是 Dimitra 的来源,我创建Dimitra的使命是让全球范围内的小农都能获得伟大的技术。我相信,每个农民,无论他们的经济状况如何,都应该接触到伟大的技术,并从中受益。

I started in tech over 25 years ago as a developer and worked in large global supply chain projects; creating and implementing technology for these supply chain initiatives (150 projects). However, it wasn’t until I built a Blockchain-based identity system for an African Nation that I started to understand the specific needs of smallholder farmers. This is where Dimitra came from and I created Dimitra with a mission to make great technology available to smallholder farmers on a global scale. I believe that every farmer, regardless of their economic standing, should have access to and benefit from great technology.



According to the World Bank, agricultural development is one of the most powerful tools to eliminate extreme poverty and promote economic prosperity. Then we know that Dimitra is a platform for conducting business through blockchain technology and helping farmers learn new agricultural technologies. What is the original intention and mission of Dimitra? What kind of scale has the current development reached?


Jon Trask:我们在 Dimitra 的使命是为中小型农民提供先进的农业技术。 Dimitra 基于区块链的“Connected Farmer”平台可供世界各地的农民使用。该平台集成了一系列先进技术(如卫星、人工智能、机器学习、区块链物联网等),为农民提供可操作的数据,从根本上改善他们的运营。 简单地说,把Dimitra想象成Ag-tech的操作系统,我们的代币驱动着我们的生态系统。

Our mission at Dimitra is to make advanced agricultural technologies available to small and medium-size farmers. Dimitra’s blockchain-based, “Connected Farmer” platform is available to farmers across the world. The platform integrates a series of advanced technologies (like satellite, AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain IoT and more) that provides farmers with actionable data that fundamentally improves their operations. Simply put, think of Dimitra as the Operating System for Ag-tech and our token drives our ecosystem.


Dimitra 目前在 60 多个国家/地区开展业务,我们在非洲、亚洲、南美洲等国家/地区开展了大量工作。 我们有数百万用户注册了我们的系统,我们认为这是成为农业行业领先的加密区块链项目的绝佳机会。 每个人都在吃饭,我们的市场很大,有 5.7 亿个农场作为我们的机会。 Dimitra 项目的连锁反应将在全球范围内感受到。 例如,我们在印度的土壤复垦项目可能是有史以来最大的土壤复垦项目。 农业为全球供应链提供食物,而 Dimitra 的工作来源是; 从消费的角度来看,从农场到装运、出口、板材。

Dimitra currently operates in over 60 countries with a great deal of our work being done in Africa, Asia, South America, among other countries. We have millions of users signed up for our system and we think there is a great opportunity to be the leading crypto-blockchain project for the agriculture industry. Everybody eats and our market is massive with 570 million farms as our opportunity.  The ripple effect of Dimitra’s projects will be felt globally. For example, our soil reclamation project in India may be the largest soil reclamation project ever done. Agriculture feeds the global supply chain and Dimitra works from; farm to shipment, to export, to plate, from a consumption perspective.


Dimitra 有着远大的目标,在接下来的 5 年里,我们希望我们的平台被 100 个国家的 1 亿个农场使用。 我们还将继续扩展我们平台的功能,为农民及其社区、地区和国家提供更多价值。

Dimitra has big goals, and over the next 5 years we want our platform to be used by 100 million farms in 100 countries. We will also continue to expand on our platform’s capabilities and deliver more value to farmers and by extension their communities, regions, and countries.



Could you please introduce the founding team, investors and partners of Dimitra?


Jon Trask:我们的团队是全球性的,我们的团队成员遍布 60 多个国家; 非洲、中东、亚洲、南美、北美和欧洲。 在开发方面,我们有 25 到 50 名开发人员随时在 Dimitra 平台上工作。 我们的团队远程工作,所以我们到处都能找到人才。 我们组建了一个伟大的团队,每个人都被我们帮助各地农民的共同目标所驱动,而 Dimitra 是一个协作团队的努力。 你可以在这里看到我们的团队:https://dimitra.io/our-team

Our team is global and we have team members in over 60 countries; Africa, Middle East, Asia, South America, North America and Europe. On the dev side we have anywhere from 25 to 50 developers working on the Dimitra platform at any time. Our team works remotely so we find talent everywhere. We’ve put together a great team where everyone is driven by our common goal of helping farmers everywhere and Dimitra is a collaborative team effort. You can see our team here: https://dimitra.io/our-team


Dimitra 于 6 月 15 日至 9 月 15 日进行了代币预售,因此我们喜欢许多个人投资者,因为 Dimitra 与世界各地的人息息相关。 以下 VC 投资于 Dimitra:Jun Capital / Necker Capital / Moodie International / Kingdom Capital / Touring Group / Block Unify。

Dimitra had a token pre-sale from June 15 to September 15th and so there are many individual investors which we love since Dimitra is all about people everywhere. The following VC’s invested in Dimitra: Jun Capital / Necker Capital / Moodie International / Kingdom Capital / Touring Group / Block Unify.


Dimitra 目前的合作伙伴包括 Unizen、Agzon Agritech Pvt Ltd. (www.agzonagritech.com) 为 350,000 千个农场、OBC 印度商会(130 万个农场)、乌干达国家动物遗传研究中心、孟加拉国的非政府组织 Sojag 以及 Abrafrutas (巴西水果生产商和出口商协会)。 我们与拉丁美洲的 Instituto Interamericano de Cooperación para la Agricultura (IICA) 建立了合作伙伴关系,该机构面向 35 个国家 (www.iica.int)。 我们还与区块链培训联盟、区块链研究所和 Morpheus.Network 合作。 如果您想了解我们所有的合作伙伴关系,请访问:https://dimitra.io/news

Dimitra’s current partnerships include Unizen, Agzon Agritech Pvt Ltd. (www.agzonagritech.com) for 350,000 thousand farms, OBC Indian Chamber of Commerce (1.3 million farms,) National Animal Genetic Research Center of Uganda, Bangladesh’s NGO Sojag, as well as Abrafrutas (Brazilian Association of Fruit Producers & Exporters). We have a partnership with the Instituto Interamericano de Cooperación para la Agricultura (IICA) in LATAM which is for 35 countries (www.iica.int). We are also partnered with Blockchain Training Alliance, Blockchain Research Institute and Morpheus.Network. If you’d like to know about all our partnerships please go here: https://dimitra.io/news


问题四、据悉,Dimitra正积极与政府和非政府组织合作,向发展中国家的小农免费提供Connected Farmer平台,请问Dimitra是如何专注分散农业,为全球农户提供区块链生产力支持的?

It is reported that Dimitra is actively cooperating with governments and non-governmental organizations to provide the Connected Farmer platform to small farmers in developing countries for free. How does Dimitra focus on decentralized agriculture and provide blockchain productivity support to farmers around the world?


Jon Trask:是的,一点没错! Dimitra 正与政府、印度、孟加拉国的非政府组织、巴西的 Abrofruitas 组织、乌干达政府和许多其他国家合作。 我们还将很快宣布与乌干达政府签订新合同,为乌干达和其他东非国家提供牲畜管理和遗传服务。 我们的平台将管理数以百万计的动物,并帮助在东非建立 Dimitra 生态系统,并帮助实现动物健康和可追溯性。

Yes absolutely! Dimitra is working with governments, NGO’s in India, Bangladesh, The Abrofruitas Organization of Brazil, The Government of Uganda and many other countries. We will also be announcing a new contract soon with the Government of Uganda to provide livestock management and genetics services to Uganda and the other Eastern African nations. Our platform will manage millions of animals and help build the Dimitra ecosystem in Eastern Africa and help with animal health and traceability.


总体而言,我们正在努力在农业技术方面“公平竞争”。 我们将为农民提供获得最佳农业科技平台和创新的机会,使农民能够:


2、 为他们的实践创造有价值的记录




Overall, we are striving to “level the playing field” in agriculture technology. We will provide farmers with access to the best Agtech platform and innovations, enabling farmers to:

Use data to make better decisions

Create valuable records about their practices

Access a repository of farming best practices

Access critical weather, satellite, and sensor data

Access machine learning analytics reports


通过我们的 Connected Farmer 平台,我们将提供有关土壤和作物的见解,通过使用卫星图像和传感器,Dimitra 可以为农民提供见解并提高他们的产量。 Dimitra 专注于较小的农场,因为它们在世界市场上服务不足,但做出了令人难以置信的贡献。 想象一下,全世界 5.7 亿个小农场目前生产世界上近 70% 的食物。

Through our Connected Farmer platform we will provide insights about soil and crops, by using satellite images and sensors, Dimitra can provide insights to a farmer and improve their outputs. Dimitra is focused on smaller farms as they are underserved in the world market but make an incredible contribution. Imagine that the 570 million small farms across the world currently produce almost 70% of the world’s food.


Dimitra 的一些关键模块帮助农民整地、病虫害管理、灌溉、何时收获以及如何最大限度地利用供应链、物流和出口。 Dimitra 还有一个牲畜模块,用于牲畜可追溯性、报告和动物护理。

Some of Dimitra’s key modules help farmers with soil preparation, pest management, irrigation, when to harvest and how to maximize supply chain, logistics, and exportation. Dimitra also has a livestock module that works on livestock traceability, reporting, and animal care.



We see that Dimitra has Ag-Tech technological innovation, focusing on decentralized agriculture, which is quite interesting. Could you introduce this technology for us?


Jon Trask:绝对地! 农业和食品是世界上最大的垂直行业之一。 大多数人没有意识到这个垂直领域主要由小农主导,全世界有超过 5.7 亿个小农场。 小农及其农场对技术、隐私、融资、保险有很大的需求,而他们目前的服务非常匮乏。 Dimitra 可以通过区块链帮助处理所有这些用例,以及帮助导出证书、数字化记录、帮助跟踪和追踪作物和牲畜等等。

Absolutely! Farming and food is one of the largest verticals in the world. Most people don’t realize that this vertical is primarily led by smallholder farmers, and that there are over 570 million small farms across the world. The small farmers and by extension their farms have a great need for technology, privacy, financing, insurance, and they are currently very underserved. Dimitra can help with all of these use cases via the blockchain, as well as, helping with exporting certificates, digitizing records, helping with track and trace of crops and livestock, and much more.


区块链和去中心化对农业至关重要,因为它符合区域农业需求,并允许农民利用信息的力量提高生产力。 我们在 Dimitra 的专长是通过应用区块链、机器学习、物联网和传感器、无人机、基因组学和机器人等新技术来解决问题。

Blockchain and decentralization is crucial to the agriculture industry because it aligns with regional needs of farming and allows farmers to improve their productivity with the power of information. Our specialty at Dimitra is solving problems by applying new technologies like Blockchain, Machine Learning, IoT and sensors, drones, genomics, and robotics.


问题六、DMTR作为Dimitra Token 在平台中主要充当什么角色?以及在区块链农业方面有什么作用?

What role does DMTR play as Dimitra Token in the platform? And what is its function in blockchain agriculture?


Jon Trask:将 Dimitra 代币 (DMTR) 视为加速我们已经成功的“Connected Farmer”平台发展的催化剂。 随着时间的推移和更多的使用,Dimitra 代币因其在 Dimitra 生态系统中的效用而获得其价值,它旨在在 Dimitra 平台内无缝连接。 代币是我们 Dimitra 生态系统的推动者,自然会激励农民参与。

Think of the Dimitra token (DMTR) as the catalyst to accelerate the growth of our already successful “Connected Farmer” platform. Over time and with more use, the Dimitra token derives its value as a direct result of its utility within the Dimitra ecosystem, and it is designed to connect seamlessly within the Dimitra Platform. The token is our enabler to the Dimitra ecosystem and naturally incentivizes farmer participation.



请参阅 Dimitra 白皮书第 34 页:https://dimitra.io/token


Dimitra 代币:https://dimitra.io/token


If you’d like to know more about our token please consult the following links:

Please consult page 34 on the Dimitra White Paper : https://dimitra.io/token

Official Website: https://dimitra.io/

Dimitra Token: https://dimitra.io/token

Why Dimitra: https://dimitratech.medium.com/why-dimitra-54bf7a662956



As an international company, how does Dimitra deploy in the Chinese market? Are there any related plans in the near future?


Jon Trask:与我们开展业务的任何国家/地区一样,我们寻找可以在文化、当地业务要求和支持方面提供帮助的当地合作伙伴。 我们在东南亚有很多销售合作伙伴,他们确实与中国公司有过讨论,但目前都在预售过程中。

Like any country that we do business in, we find local partners that can assist with culturalization, local business requirements, and support. We have many sales partners in South East Asia who do have discussions with Chinese companies, but at the moment it is all in the presales process.



Which exchanges has Dimitra listed? How should we buy?


Jon Trask:DMTR 目前已在 KuCoin、Bitmart 和 Uniswap 上市。


BitMart : https://www.bitmart.com/trade/en?layout=basic&symbol=DMTR_USDT



DMTR is currently listed on KuCoin, Bitmart and Uniswap.

KuCoin: https://trade.kucoin.com/DMTR-USDT

BitMart : https://www.bitmart.com/trade/en?layout=basic&symbol=DMTR_USDT

UniSwap: https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?inputCurrency=ETH&outputCurrency=0x51cB253744189f11241becb29BeDd3F1b5384fdB&use=V2



We are very interested in Dimitra. Do you have any welfare activities to participate in recently?


Jon Trask:是的,我们当然知道。 目前,我们的 Dimitra 学院已开放招生。 Dimitra 为农业和畜牧业领导人以及大学或学院教授举办了农业数字化转型课程。 该课程是对正在改变农业面貌的新兴技术的合作探索。 本课程侧重于区块链、机器学习、物联网和传感器、无人机、基因组学、机器人和农业中的数字化转型,我们将通过案例研究示例检查所有这些技术。 还有很多事情要做,我们将准备在 2022 年讨论这个问题!

Yes, we certainly do. Currently, we have open enrollment for our Dimitra Academy. Dimitra hosts a Digital Transformation for Agriculture Course for Agriculture and Livestock leaders, and University or College Professors. The course is a collaborative exploration of emerging technologies that are changing the face of farming. This course focuses on Blockchain, Machine Learning, IoT and Sensors, Drones, Genomics, Robotics, and Digital Transformation within Agriculture, and we examine all of these technologies with case study examples. There is a lot more to come and we’ll be ready to talk about this in 2022!




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